Analysis of Online Video Streaming Trough to 2020

Posted on July 31, 2020

Today we'll talk about online video streaming, it's history, future, key concepts and common high-level solutions. Video Broadcasting Paradigm Shift What was the precursor of online video streaming? The closest service in terms of functionality is television of course and it's still for a little longer.The barrier for entry in the exclusive club of television networks was very ...

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Build Wowza Modules Using Wowza Gradle Plugin

Building Wowza applications with the default ant script is a bit outdated, so I wrote a post on building Wowza with Gradle. Now I've gone a step further and built a Wowza Gradle Plugin to help you better control your build life cycle. Loading the Wowza Gradle Plugin 1. Create a file named wowza.plugin in the root of your project, next to your build.gradle, containing the following: (more…)

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Wowza with Gradle. There is a Better Way Than Building with Ant!

Posted on January 25, 2015
Building Wowza with Gradle

Developing Wowza modules usually includes setting up the Wowza IDE (or a standard Java IDE). It may or may not auto-generate an ant build script that packages the sources as a jar library and deploys them to the local Wowza server. That is all pretty good... but you still have to do manual tasks like running test suites and restarting the service! This Gradle thing is nothing short of magic! Building Wowza with Gradle offers great opportunities ...

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How to Stream Media?

Posted on January 24, 2015

A question we hear every so often is "How to stream media and implement a streaming service for my web platform?". And of course (like all good engineers) we say "That depends!". It depends on the business model, the content, and the traffic. However, the basic setup is more often than not the same. Adding bells, whistles and load balancers is possible down the line with a little bit of planning. The infrastructure we will present here is a ...

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5 Ways to Monetize Your Video Streaming Business

Posted on October 22, 2014
Video Streaming

Video streaming business models come in a variety of shapes. The dimensions that define the different models are monetization strategy and revenue source. The monetization strategy defines what exactly is being sold. The streaming industry offers a variety of services that can be sold such as ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, and surrounding), media access: per time unit, subscription, and streaming as a service (SaaS). The revenue source is ...

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