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Wowza with Gradle. There is a Better Way Than Building with Ant!

Developing Wowza modules usually includes setting up the Wowza IDE (or a standard Java IDE). It may or may not auto-generate an ant build script that packages the sources as a jar library and deploys them to the local Wowza server. That is all pretty good... but you still have to do manual tasks like running test suites and restarting the service! This Gradle thing ...

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How to Stream Media?

A question we hear every so often is "How to stream media and implement a streaming service for my web platform?". And of course (like all good engineers) we say "That depends!". It depends on the business model, the content, and the traffic. However, the basic setup is more often than not the same. Adding bells, whistles and load balancers is possible down the line ...

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