JavaFX and Spring – How to Integrate

Posted on May 25, 2014

JavaFX and Spring? Why? Well, IMHO, JavaFX offers the best features in terms of Java-based GUI and Spring offers the best dependency injection features. What better way to develop java desktop applications? Post Purpose - Quickly learn how to integrate JavaFX and Spring - Set a base for an extensible GUI framework based on JavaFX and Spring for easy dependency injection and inversion of control. SpringFX Application The SpringFX application is a ...

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Wowza Load Balancing Schemes

Wowza load balancing is a must for any multimedia content delivery application and should come as a standard feature with any quality CDN service. Beneficiaries should not be expected to explicitly ask for load balancing when contracting the development of a Wowza based delivery service. Load balancing sustains increasingly heavier traffic and allows dynamic resizing of the deployment network depending on demand and costs. So let's look at the ...

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How to Stay Agile? Avoid Over-Engineering Software!

Over-Engineering Software

A software architect must take into account many known factors and still stay agile. At the same time, she must pave the way for scalability, security and more features to come. As the quote goes: "good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgment". Over-engineering software projects is very common. In tune with the start-up culture and lean development principle of eliminating waste, I argue that over-engineering is just ...

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How to Overcome OSMF White Fullscreen Issue

Posted on October 28, 2013
Open Source Media Framework

The OSMF white full-screen issue manifests itself when the video screen is white in full-screen mode. Apparently, Open Source Media Framework has a hard time displaying the media player in full screen. After a long search, my colleagues found the solution. (more…)

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How to Handle OSMF Metadata and Cuepoints

Posted on October 12, 2013

Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) offers great support for a wide range of media formats, but handling metadata and cue point events is a bit tricky. Because you do not have access to the client object due to encapsulation, you need to create a VideoElement subclass and add listeners. I've used LightweightVideoElement because it was the best fit for the job at hand. I don't see why some other VideoElement object wouldn't work unless the client ...

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