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How to Overcome OSMF White Fullscreen Issue

The OSMF white full-screen issue manifests itself when the video screen is white in full-screen mode. Apparently, Open Source Media Framework has a hard time displaying the media player in full screen. After a long search, my colleagues found the solution. (more…)

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How to Handle OSMF Metadata and Cuepoints

Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) offers great support for a wide range of media formats, but handling metadata and cue point events is a bit tricky. Because you do not have access to the client object due to encapsulation, you need to create a VideoElement subclass and add listeners. I've used LightweightVideoElement because it was the best fit for the job at hand. ...

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How to Fix Adobe Mobile AIR Camera Displaying Static?

When developing Adobe AIR mobile applications, someone is bound to ask for a camera feature at some point. Of course, you say "Ok I can do that, no problem!". It will be only a few days before you run into static displayed in your Video container when you try to attach the Camera object. The camera display issue is a deal-breaker when it comes to Adobe Mobile AIR ...

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Loading Adobe AIR Mobile XHDPI Assets

With the release of Samsung Galaxy S4, Flex seems to be stuck in the past. The runtimeDPI property only goes as high as 320 dpi, and S4 has about 440. Loading regular 320 dpi assets onto a full HD screen makes for a microscopic user experience. So how do we go around this irritating limitation? Simple! Code your own Adobe AIR Mobile XHDPI assets framework. What we ...

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