JavaFX Pong Game Development Using Spring

Posted on July 2, 2014
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Let’s take a look at a sample Pong Game I’ve made using JavaFX and Spring Framework, following my previous post’s instructions on how to integrate them.

I admit… I had some free time on my hands and thought I might experiment a bit with JavaFX and Spring. Sadly, my time ran out before I could add an opponent, collision detection, and a scoring table. I invite any of you to continue my work as I am posting the complete source code here. If I happen to find time to improve it, I will update it on GitHub. I shall post a version table right here in this post so the changes will be logged for all to see. Until then, I am happy to provide you with this draft project.

Feel free to do pull requests if you do some cool change and you feel it would add value to the project. I will give credit to all contributors right here on the post after any successful merge.

Repository Committers:
Charles Gould: Refactored Maven build script and set the project to the default Maven structure.

For those of you not familiar with git, here is a zip file with the original version (note that the latest version will only be available on git).

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