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Let’s discuss and challenge the philosophy of what effectiveness in the software business means and why it’s essential for our collective success.

How to Shop Based on Utility Theory and Make a Rational Decision?

Posted on April 4, 2020
Buying itemas based on utility theory

Are you often feeling the full blow of the Paradox of Choice in your life? Do you put off important decisions because there are simply too many alternatives? I know I do... and one solution is using simple utility theory concepts to compare apples with apples using the framework of our objective needs. (more…)

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What is The Real Purpose of Software Projects?

Posted on October 27, 2015
Purpose of Software Projects

A few days ago I was asked to present some basics about software quality assurance to a group of employees at Agilio. Above all the methodologies and fancy techniques that come with quality assurance, I wanted to give them a sense of what the mission is. Why should they be bothered with all that? To understand what software quality really is about, we must look at the bigger picture. The Context of Business The universe, like the world, your ...

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How to Log Technical Debt Like You Mean It

Posted on July 24, 2015
Log Technical Debt Like a Pro

Before you can log technical debt, of course, you should know what it is and why anyone should care about it. The Wikipedia article on technical debt sums everything up nicely. For more, in-depth, information I strongly recommend going through these articles written by Martin Fowler on the matter. Why and Who Should Log Technical Debt Why should anyone log technical debt? Why not just tackle technical debt as we see it and leave the code clean ...

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5 Ways to Monetize Your Video Streaming Business

Posted on October 22, 2014
Video Streaming

Video streaming business models come in a variety of shapes. The dimensions that define the different models are monetization strategy and revenue source. The monetization strategy defines what exactly is being sold. The streaming industry offers a variety of services that can be sold such as ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, and surrounding), media access: per time unit, subscription, and streaming as a service (SaaS). The revenue source is ...

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How to Stay Agile? Avoid Over-Engineering Software!

Over-Engineering Software

A software architect must take into account many known factors and still stay agile. At the same time, she must pave the way for scalability, security and more features to come. As the quote goes: "good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgment". Over-engineering software projects is very common. In tune with the start-up culture and lean development principle of eliminating waste, I argue that over-engineering is just ...

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